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  • RHE Estuary Day Field Trip 2014

    Posted Sep 28, 2014, 10:51 AM by Kay Pickron
  • Florida History: Donna Wissinger
    Our homeschool group went on a field trip to learn about Florida’s history.  We learned that Florida has over 500 years of history, the most recorded history out of all 50 states.  We also learned, the first person to claim Florida soil was Juan, Ponce de Leon.  Ponce de Leon sailed with Christopher Columbus on his second journey to America.  Years later he and his crew landed on the eastern side of Florida, now known as St. Augustine, hoping to find the Fountain of Youth, and other riches.   Ponce de Leon named the land "Pascua de Florida" (feast of flowers) because they first spotted land on April 2, 1513, Palm Sunday, and claimed the land for Spain.
    The next person we learned about was Chief Osceola also known as Billy Powell.  He was of Creek, Scots-Irish, and English parentage and had migrated to Florida with his mother after the defeat of the Creek Indians in 1814.  Osceola had two wives and at least five children. One of his wives was a black woman, and he fiercely opposed the enslavement of free peoples.   On December 28, 1835 Osceola and his followers ambushed and killed Representative Wiley Thompson and six others outside of Fort King while another group of Seminoles ambushed and wiped out a column of US Army troops marching up from Fort Brooke to Fort King. These near-simultaneous attacks began the Second Seminole War.  On October 21, 1837, on the orders of U.S. General Thomas Sidney Jesup, Osceola was captured when he arrived for supposed truce negotiations in Fort Peyton. He was imprisoned at Fort Marion, St. Augustine, Florida.  Osceola died of malaria on January 30, 1838, less than three months after his capture.
    These people were great, and their stories are going to be told through Donna Wissinger’s production of these lives.  
    Posted Sep 20, 2012, 9:17 AM by Kayla Pickron
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