Riverbend Home Educators is an organization whose members partner together to provide support for one another, and varied learning and social opportunities for their children.


This group is not affiliated with any specific church, denomination, or political party; however, we desire to have a Christian atmosphere and attitude in all that we do.

Board Members


President & Treasurer

Candra is a wife and mother of three children, ages 14, 10 and 9.  She began her homeschooling journey in 2010 with her oldest child and has continued with her two younger children.  Candra joined Riverbend Home Educators in 2014 and has been happy to be a help anywhere needed, or just to give support to other homeschoolers.


VP  & Secretary

Tara and her husband are parents to five children.  After having  more than ten years homeschooling experience, she is pleased to offer her guidance and service where ever needed.  Tara has been a devoted member of Riverbend Home Educators since 2014.


Field-trip Coordinator

Miriam and her husband are blessed with three wonderful children ages 10, 7, and 5.  She enjoys homeschooling her children and began her homeschooling adventure in 2014.  It was also at that point that Miriam became a member of Riverbend Home Educators.