How To Guide


  • Riverbend Home Educators' (RHE) Facebook Group is a separate entity than our public Facebook PAGE which is intended for advertising RHE only.  The Facebook group is private and hidden from anyone not in it. Nothing posted from within the group will show up on your friends' newsfeed unless they too are members of RHE.


  • The Facebook group is intended to be used for the purposes of:

    • All main communications from here on out. We'll be announcing upcoming events there from now on.

    • Sharing RHE event photos with each other.

    • Sharing interesting or funny home-school related posts.

    • Asking home-school or RHE related questions.


  • Event Photo Sharing:  If we all work together, we can collect some nice photo memories of RHE events to save for our children.  If you don't get any pictures, that's okay too.  


  • Notification Controls:  Please select the option within your group notification settings to "see all posts" so you dont miss anything.



  • If you're a member of RHE, you have been granted access to our special group calendar.  Within this calendar, you’ll find our events; the date, time, address, and usually also other details of said event. Click on the calendar event to view specifics.

  • Having Google Calendar is optional and only if you prefer.  You'll still receive event details through the Facebook group regardless.

  • To access Google Calendar:

    • From a smartphone, you may download the Google Calendar App.

    • From a PC, you’ll need to click on the Grid at the top right from your gmail page.

    • Once you've registered for the new RHE school-year, you'll receive an email stating RHE calendar has been shared with you and prompting you to "Add this Calendar".  If you fail to do so, you may not have access to the RHE calendar.