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Silly Goose Farmstead

September 21, 2018

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Marianna Fire Department

September 8, 2017

     On Friday, September 8, Riverbend Home Educators visited Marianna Fire Department. The Department was so gracious to host our group just two days before Hurricane Irma was due to hit and we could not have asked for a better field trip for our students. 



     We began our day by touring the station itself, including the firefighters' living quarters while they are on duty. Our students were intrigued by how home-like, yet small, this area was. The guys explained the station was built in 1942, when there wasn't nearly as much rescue equipment to store. 



     We then went into the truck bay for an explanation of the key pieces of equipment firefighters use in various rescue situations. We learned about different hoses and nozzles. We watched the process of getting into a full fire suit, and how each layer helps the firefighter stay safe inside a burning building. We learned why certain things are carried on the truck and about water hookups throughout the city. It was fascinating and I think we all walked away with a greater respect for the profession. 



     But the most popular part of the trip, without a doubt, was when the kids got to spray one of the hoses themselves. While there was a target set up, I think the kids were most amused by making one of the firefighters on that end of the blockade dance a bit with their water shenanigans. He was an amazingly good sport and let them have their fun. 



     We concluded our day by having lunch and recreation at a local park. The weather was perfectly warm, overcast and breezy. I know I'm not alone when I say that I'm eager to repeat this field trip in coming school years. The guys at Marianna Fire Department were the perfect balance of entertainment and education and the kids loved their time with them.



Until our next adventure,



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