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September 21, 2018

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Valentine's Day Party 2018

February 16, 2018


  This February our RHE kids came together to not only celebrate Valentine’s Day, but to also show love to a group of people in our community who really need to be reminded that they are not forgotten.



  The kids are always very creative in designing their Valentines mail boxes so it’s always a joy to see the boxes and this year was no exception! We had everything from a “real” USPS mail box to a dump truck and a unicorn. I applaud you all on your creativity!



  After the kids had distributed their (equally impressive) Valentines, we set to work making our craft-gifts. You see, our Valentine’s party is part awesome fun, part community service project. Every year our board decides on gifts for our local senior citizen residents at the Blountstown Health and Rehab Center, and the kids work on those items to make them extra special for our delivery.



  This year we gave hand lotion (with the kids’ decorated hand cutouts); chap stick (on a kid-made card); tissues (on a kid-made card); crayons (on a color-able card, signed by the kids); and toothbrushes (on decorated heart valentines). For the lovely nurses who work with those amazing seniors, we gave chocolate bars with a kid-applied Valentines wrapper. All those goodies were bagged up for a later delivery to the Rehab Center.



  After crafts we enjoyed a wonderful Valentine-themed lunch and moved onto the games. The kids competed at eating Twizzlers (hands free!) for prize box goodies. They also used chopsticks to pick up sweetheart candies for various games, including timed stacking. They were surprisingly astute at stacking the candies! This game seems to be a source of pride for a lot of our older kids and they enjoy having the bragging rights for the remainder of the year. ;)



  Meanwhile, we also had a photo booth with props available, and a letter matching game for our younger kids who weren’t quite ready for the chopstick competition.



  The party was a complete success. Every child left with an overflowing box of Valentines from their peers, a balloon from the decorations, prizes from the games, and knowing they did something wonderful by sharing the love of Valentine’s Day with some senior citizens who needed it.



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