September 21, 2018

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Silly Goose Farmstead

September 21, 2018

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Waste Management - Springhill Landfill

March 24, 2018

   Our field trip this month brought us to Waste Management - Springhill Landfill! Don't scrunch your nose, though... the entire experience was far from stinky. On the contrary, in fact; I have allergies, so I didn't smell a thing! No one else complained, so I assume the stench levels were manageable *shrugs*.



   Even the older students had a great time, especially when a photo opportunity presented itself in front of Mt. Trashmore! Let me tell you, it's not everyday you get to see a mountain in Florida! What a treat!



   All jokes aside (I image that's what ^^^ the caption for this image is, ha)... they really did provide treats. But with the strict instruction: "You. Can. Not. Eat. It." Let's be honest, her look says it all. Not eating it was t. o. u. g. h.



   But the rule was set in place for good reason! If you chowed down, how else would you make an Edible (later, of course) Landfill? (WM, the parents thank you very much for this **ahem** bonus treat you sent them home with).


   Seriously though, how cool is this?! Graham Crackers = Clay; Airheads = Plastic; Twizzlers = Leachate Pipes; Crumbled Vanilla Wafers = Dirt; M&Ms = Garbage; Tootsie Rolls = Methane Gas Pipes; Oreos = I do not remember (you still reading?); Sprinkles = Grass. Ta da!



   After watching a short video about recycling, and finishing their hands-on Landfill project, we took to the outdoors for a tour of the facility.



   The icing on the cake -- or, rather, the ketchup on the hot dog -- was lunch on the house! Hot dogs, chips and drinks. Oh, and a Frisbee and bouncy ball as souvenirs!


   Waste Management - Springhill Landfill floored us with their creativity, thoroughness and hospitality! Give it a few years and we will definitely be scheduling another visit :)



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