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September 21, 2018

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Reptile Education Co-op

May 9, 2018

   We have a special guest writer today! Kirsten, one of our very own RHE graduates. Kirsten is here to tell us a bit about the recent two-part Reptile Education Co-op her family organized for our group.



   "Hello everyone, Kirsten here. On the 1st and the 8th of May, the students of Riverbend Home Educators got an up-close look at some of Florida's most common species of reptiles and amphibians.



   On the first class, Vernon Simpson brought Red Rat Snake (aka. Corn Snake), a Black Racer, a Smooth Earth Snake, two Banded Water Snakes each with a different color variation, a Juvenile Copperhead, a Broadhead Skink, a Five-lined Skink, two Green Anoles, two Fence Swifts, a Mediterranean Gecko, two Toads, threeCricket Frogs, and several young Bullfrogs. Don't worry about the Copperhead though; he was safely contained in a glass jar.



   The second class offered an up-close look at a Ground Skink, a mature Bullfrog, a Leapord Frog, a Gray Tree Frog, a Squirrel Tree Frog, and even a Cottonmouth. A demonstration allowed the students to see the similarity between the Banded Water Snakes and the Cottonmouth.



  Vernon talked about the habitats and food preference of each species, and what time of day they like to move around. At the end of the second class, the children enjoyed a 'froghop' as they said good-bye to their slimy friends."



   Thank you, Kirsten! We had a wonderful turnout for this special co-op opportunity. Your family did an amazing job showing our children how to appreciate, love, and respect our reptile friends.


Until next time!

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